The need for quality workers on an ever constraining budget is becoming more and more prevalent.

But what does it really cost your company to not have the right workers available with the right skill-sets at the right time?

Key Benefits

  • KEI Signature trained workers
  • Solid Reputation of reliability
  • Trained ready workers
  • Highly competitive rates & recruitment fees

  • One of the major advantages of having an efficient and practical system at your finger tips is that you can rely on it again and again.

    Having a site-ready worker arrive to your plant certainly saves a lot of headache, time, and effort. With an in-house signature KEI training engaged by every worker, prior to mobilisation, they will hit the ground running every time they come to your door.

    KEI operates with a higher level of control over quality due to our systems and operating procedures. Whether you require the permanent placement of an Automation Engineer, the temporary hire of dual trade E/I technician, or simply need an instrument to be calibrated we have the right worker with the right skill-sets available for you at the right time.

    If you feel it is now time to access Australia’s best industrial talent please leave a brief description of your work requirements below.

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